Friday, September 25, 2009

Large Capacity Trash Cans

If your business has lot of foot traffic, it’s going to have a lot of trash. This is especially pertinent if you’re near a food court or the like. If people have nowhere to put their trash, they will litter, which will make your business incredibly unsightly. What you need is a large capacity trash cans.

These come in two varieties: the practical and the pretty. The practical ones, such as Brute’s variety, are large, plastic, and cheap. The pretty varieties, like United Receptacle’s, are made of aluminum and look very flashy. Which one is best for you comes down to what kind of image you want to convey. If you’re running a hot dog stand, the Brute will probably be fine. However, if you’re running an investment bank that is near a food court, you should probably go for the United Receptacle.

Green Trash Cans

The environment changes for the better not through country-wide legislation or broad cultural shifts but rather by individuals changing their lives a little bit. What better place to start than with your trash can? If we reduce waste in our waste disposal, we’re well on our way to a better world.

A fantastic, simple option is Basket’s small trashcan. This is exactly what being green should be – a simple, inexpensive change that has a dramatic effect. In this case, the only difference between this trash can and a standard one is that it has loops on the sides. Rather than buy special garbage bags, you can use the loops to just put your grocery bag in, thus halving your plastic bag consumption.

Bathroom Trashcans

Bathroom trashcans come in a range of sizes, prices, and styles. On one hand is the $460 wall-mounted HEWI, which looks great and does its job well. On the other hand is the $3 infrared plastic trashcan that serves the exact same purpose at less than 1/100th of the cost. It’s hard to say why you’d spend much more than this – after all, it’sa bathroom, hardly a part of your house that demands incredible interior design. Perhaps you’d want to shell out for an expensive trashcan as a business owner, but in your house, on a budget, stick with simple, cheap, and practical.


Ashtrays come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and regardless of your feelings on smoking and smokers they are imperative if you run a business. If you don’t have some form of ashtray in your entryway, you run the risk of butts collecting on the ground, which is far more unsightly than an ashtray.

You have a few options. You can get a simple, practical walll-mounted urn which doesn’t look like much but does its job. On the other end of the spectrum is the tall, elegant ashtray with a long neck. These not only look nice, they are also safe as their long neck denies oxygen to still-alight butts and extinguishes. Finally, there are the ashtray/trashcan combinations that economise on money and space.


Collapsible trash cans of thing that you don’t use very often, but when you do you’re thankful you have one. You can take these on the road with you, or to sporting events, or to any other situation where there is trash but no trash can. Some come with sports teams emblazoned on them while others have a Velcro tab hat allows you to attach your trashcan to the carpet – thus making Christmas morning much less of a hassle, with the wrapping paper and other casualties collecting in one place rather than ending up strewn all over your living room.

Infrared Trash Cans

An infrared trash can is the perfect home trash can for germaphobes. It is also very effective in a setting where you don’t want to be anywhere near what you’re throwing away. Think doctors’ or dentists’ offices and you’ll understand why they can be so invaluable. Their appeal is in the fact that they open automatically – rather than press a pedal or manually lift, all you have to do is wave your hand over the top of them. This keeps a constant, healthy distance between you and your trash. It also is great for kids, especially 3-5 year olds, as it makes taking the trash out fun.